Ha Ling Peak - My First Summit in the Canadian Rockies

Looking for a little challenging, fun and gratifying hike? Check out Haling Peak in Canmore!

Rating: Moderate

Time: 4-5 Hours

I never realized my passion for hiking until I went to the summit of  Ha Ling peak. That top of the world feeling is so energizing I felt like I could do anything!

I loved this trail so much that I’ve done it 4 times already! I Hope sharing my experience will encourage you to go out and hike! Lex go!


Getting There

Follow the map below for the direction to the trailhead from Canmore.

You can also drop by the Visitors Information Center to ask for directions. (Washroom available)

Address: 2801 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 3A2

Ha Link Peak Direction.PNG

Lex Go Hike Experience

Coming from Calgary, we stopped by the Visitor’s Information Center to check for any updates in the area such as bear sightings. Once we were cleared, we followed the instructions given by the concierge to the location of the trailhead. The parking lot is located on the right hand side of the road after you pass the dam. To get to the trailhead, you have to cross the street and go up on a small bank and use the bridge to cross the canal. The trailhead will be visible close to the power poles.


The hike starts on a mushy terrain. It gets steep really fast too. You will walk up a cliff that will veer left to direct you to the beginning of the switchbacks. I was catching my breath here trying to pace myself. Remember, hiking is not a race so go on your on pace.


When you start the switchbacks, it is a more gradual elevation gain. The switchback is about 60% of the entire hike. My friends and I were entertained by view of the mountains, took picture of  some funky formed trees and guided each other on rocky cliffs.


Once you surpass the tree line, you will get to the scrambling area and some scree. Use precaution as the path could get very slippery from lose rocks. It could also be a little daunting if heights makes you uncomfortable.  Hiking shoes with a good grip quality and hiking poles are highly recommended. This part of the mountain can also get windy so come prepared.


Once you reach the the saddle, you will be welcomed the landscape view of the other side of the mountain. At the bottom you can locate the town of Canmore and easily identify Highway 1. Across you will see magnificent mountain ranges including Mt. Lady Macdonald. You can sit here and relax or continue on to the next set of easy scramble and loose scree to the peak to your left.


Ha ling Peak provides a panoramic view of its surrounding areas with Mt. Rundle hangoing out to the left. There are anchors for rock climbers at top. Be sure to follow the rules and watch your step when you get to the peak.  Do not throw rocks on the other side of the cliff as there might be rock climbers finding their way up.

Ha Ling peak was a fun hike that we completed with our friends. It showed me how dynamic and diverse the world is. Hiking is a great time to reconnect with nature and friends plus you get a really good exercise too! The short scrambling is a good training and exposure on the amazing Canadian Rockies hike.

1276921_10153173526745247_1315779851_o (1).jpg

I really recommend Ha Ling peak if you are looking for a short but challenging hike that rewards with amazing views! Wouldn’t you want to be in this spot and taking in bird’s eye view of such magnificent landscape? Come’on and Lex Go Hike!

Recommended Tools:

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Poles

  • Water and Snacks

  • Wind Breaker

More Information

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