Manoa Falls, Hawaii - A Beautiful Hike in a Rainforest Valley to a Waterfalls

Rating: Easy

Time: 1-2 hours

Walk into a fairytale like rainforest to reach Manoa Falls in one of the most breathtaking hike in Oahu. This hike takes about 30-40 mins to reach the waterfalls but the scenery along the way will make you want to stay longer. We walked into one of the most beautiful rainforest valley that I have ever seen. It took us about 2 hours return because in places like this you can't rush the experience.


Getting There

We had a rental car on this hike and we followed the address on Google Maps. It is an easy drive to Manoa Falls trail parking lot. We parked beside Rainbow’s End Snack Shop.The parking fee is $5 USD for a day.

Address: 3737 Manoa Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA

Lex Go Hike Experience

This is such an beautiful hike to do with family and friends. No technical skills required giving everyone a chance to enjoy this magnificent place. It is also a well marked and well maintained trail.


From the parking lot, we walked up the road towards the gated entrance. It is a short walk but vehicles use this road so we had to be mindful of cars passing by. Once we got to the gate we saw the sign to the entrance of the trail.


We went through the gate were greeted by one of the most beautiful rainforest valley that I have seen. We were so mesmerized by the luscious green vegetation. The trees were so tall and the tree trunks were covered with vines. It was spectacular!


The branches on some of the tall  trees spread across the sky making it look like a painted ceiling.  There were also palm leaves so big you can use it as an umbrella. I never felt so happy to be this close to nature. It left like we were in a fairy land. Later on we found out that some scene from Jurassic Park were actually filmed there. How cool is that!


Our hike was really easy. The trail is a popular site and can get a little crowded. Once we started to go deeper into the forest the trail got a little muddy and slippery. Some parts of the trail had roots protruding from the ground so we really had to watch our step. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.This side of the island gets one of the highest rainfall for the year. There’s lots of moisture and dew. We walked along the creek that stems from the waterfalls. The rocks and trees along the stream are covered with moss.It is such cleansing feeling to be surrounded by a vast amount of greenery. A truly a remarkable experience.


Some of the highlights from our hike included walking along the bamboo forest, photo ops at the  arch tree that curved over the pathway, hugging some incredible huge trees, trying not to bump our head on low hanging branches and admiring a 150 foot drop waterfalls.


Manoa falls is an amazing hike in Oahu if you are looking for something other than the beach. We had such an amazing experience and we were really captured by the beauty of this trail. For me the waterfalls is the cherry on top!


There is a washroom at the Rainbow’s End Snack Shop beside the parking lot and they also sell food and refreshments if you need some snack after the hike. Lex Go Hike!

Recommended Gears:

  1. Hiking or closed toe shoes

  2. Camera

  3. Waterproof jacket in case it rains