Golden, BC - Best White Water Rafting Destination

Here’s a fantastic idea for an outdoor summer fun including lots of water, splash and paddling. Bring the whole gang!

Budget: $200

Duration: 1 Day

Summer is always a fun season. Since we don’t get a lot of it in this part of the world, I make sure to plan fun and memorable outdoor activities with family and friends.

In our trip to Golden, BC we encouraged our family to go on  whitewater wafting for the first time!


Getting There

Golden is about 3 hours away from Calgary. Head west on Highway 1. You can copy the address provided below to your Google Maps.

Address:  1509 Lafontaine Rd, Golden, BC V0A 1H3

Glacier Raft Compnay.JPG

Lex go travel

There are several tour company in Golden that can take you to Kicking Horse River and guide you on your white water rafting trip. We decided to go with Glacier Raft Company. They had deals that fitted our budget and availability matching ours.

Click here to check them out.

We chose the White Water Express package.This package was perfect to introduce our family to this fun activity. It is a half day event with lots of paddling and Class 3-4 rapids. It was the first time for almost everyone our the group except for myself and my hubby, Ericson. This is a nice day trip if you are planning on coming from Calgary.

We  got to Glacier Raft Company office about 30 mins before our tour starts. We checked-in with reception and were given instructions to change into bathing suite and lock any valuable items in our car. They have an outdoor waiting area with benches and picnic tables. It was a little colder that day because of the rain so they had the fire pit lit up. It was nice to  circle around the fire chat with everyone coming to the raft.


In the beginning of the tour, the guides gave us all the equipment we need to be safe and equipped in the water. The water in Kicking Horse River remains at a cooler temperature.

They provided:

  • Wetsuit

  • Windbreaker

  • Fleece (optional)

  • Life Jacket

  • Boots

  • Helmet

  • Paddle

For sale:

  • Sunglasses

  • Pictures and Video

Once we are all geared up, we got on the company bus and drove to the drop off site which is about 15 minutes away. During the ride, one of the tour guide provided us with valuable safety information, some high level overview about their company and information about the  Kicking Horse River and Town of Golden. They also had some funny jokes handy.

Once we reached the drop off site, we were divided into groups. Each raft had about 6-8 people with one tour guide. They gave a quick orientation on how to paddle, sit correctly and be alert for the guide’s commands. Once everyone was informed, we carried our boat to the water and started our journey.

37713496_10160721150260247_7398024671360188416_o (1).jpg

The first 10 mins of the trip was learning how to follow instructions and work on our synchronization. The first few attempts were a little messy but after a few practice we were ready to roll as one synchronized boat.

The front end of the raft is the most exciting part. If you are one of those people who’s not afraid to get soaked with water then you should take dibs on this spot. For those who needs more security then the spot in the back beside the guide is your seat.


This package includes Class 3-4 rapids. Expect your heart pumping with excitement as you paddle your way through the river like you are in a roller coaster ride. Big wave splash, beautiful mountain backdrop and a great sunny day is the perfect combination.

Our family had the most amazing time on this trip. It was truly memorable! Paddle high five!


At the end of the trip, you can buy photos taken candidly by professional photographers from the company. They also set up a GoPro on each boat to document all your fun memories.

I hope my story inspires you to take you family and friends to white water rafting this summer! Lex Go!

Recommended Gears:

  • Bathing Suit

  • Waterproof gloves

  • Towels ( to leave in your car)

  • Toiletries ( if you want to shower after)

  • Flip Flops

Additional Information

Check out Glacier Raft Company to book your white water rafting adventure