Kawa Hot Bath, Philippines - Somebody Thought it was a Good Idea to Cook us Alive!

Hot bath with ginger, lemongrass and a few tropical plants. Perfect ingredients for human stew experience.

Budget: $50

Duration: 1 day

“Kawa” is an Ilonggo word for a big pot used to cook food for big celebrations.  When they put us on giant pot with ginger, lemongrass and tropical leaves we really felt like we were getting cooked alive! OK, I guess not fully cooked to tender but enough to have some fun!  


Getting There:

The Kawa Bath is located in the town of Tibiao, Antique. A neighboring province of Iloilo, Aklan and Capiz in the Island of Panay. To get here there are multiple routes:

Kawa Bath.PNG

Kalibo Airport - Transfer to Ceres (Bus) Terminal . In the terminal, take the bus going to San Jose, Antique. You will have to talk to the driver to let them know you are going to Tibiao, Antique. They will know where to stop for you. To ensure the correct stop you should get off at Brgy Importante. From here you can arrange local transport to take you to your accommodation or resort of choice along Tibiao River. Travel time approximately 2 hours.

Fares - Bus P130 Php ( $3.50 CAD)

Caticlan Airport - You will access the Ceres Terminal beside Jetty Port. Give the same instructions to the bus driver when you board the bus bound to San Jose, Antique. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours

Fares - Bus P100 Php ( $2.60 CAD)

Iloilo Airport -  From Iloilo, you will have to go to Molo Terminal to access transport. Either a van or bus bound to Caticlan or Culasi will take you to Brgy. Importante. You will also have to talk to the bus driver to let you off in the small town in Tibiao, Antique. Travel time approximately 4 with the van and 6 hours for the Bus.

Fares –  Bus P110 Php ( $3.00 CAD) Van - 200 Php ($5.10 CAD)

There is an environmental fee for P50 Php ( $1.30 CAD) to access Tibiao River.

Lex Go Travel

On our recent trip in the Philippines, we visited Kawa bath from Iloilo on our 2 days trip to Antique. I saw these funny pictures circling online with people pretending to be cooked and I was very curious about it. The Kawa Hot Bath is located in a quirky little town in Tibiao, Antique. There’s a few resorts along Tibiao River that offers the Kawa Bath experience. We decided to go with  Blue Wave Kawa Hot Bath on this trip for this fun and unique experience.


We traveled that morning from Iloilo. When we arrived, my cousin arranged to have some food cooked for us and we rented one of  their floating cabana. The staff served the food in the floating cabana were we had sumptuous lunch cooked by locals. A very relaxing dining experience while floating in Tibiao River.


After lunch, the staff prepared our hot bath. They boiled the water in the Kawa by lighting some logs with fire. Once the water was on the right temperature they turned off the fire and added a few local ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass and a few tropical plants to simmer. There is a water faucet in each Kawa pot to cool down the water based on the guest’s preferred temperature. The water smelled so good with all the added ingredients.


We tested the water temperature and once comfortable, the main ingredients were added. It’s us! Time to get boiled and make broth! The staff put the fire back on to get some realistic shots of getting cooked alive. They even have a giant ladle to stir us. Once we have taken our pictures they turned off the fire again to make sure we don’t get too tender. Ericson and I spent about 40 mins in the hot bath to ourselves. The place was so quiet we could easily doze off with the sound of nature. You can hear the flowing water in the river, the birds chirping and bamboo trees cracking when a breeze of wind passes by.


Going to the Kawa bath was such a therapeutic, fun and silly experience. We totally enjoyed the relaxing time and being in playful environment. Also be mindful that this area of the island has no cell service. but it is a great chance to spend time with the people and reconnect with nature.


Kawa bath is approximately P250 Php ( $6.35 CAD)

Booking information:

If you are looking to book a package to experience Kawa Bath in Tibiao check out http://www.katahum.com/ to book your tour. They also offer several other packages to experience in the province of Antique.